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Cleaning Products

Our supplies are not limited only to toiletries, but all cleaning products commercial or domestic as well as kitchenware and appliances.

We are using only environmental friendly chemicals. Our focus is on customer needs, our priorities are: safety, quality, productivity and cost.


Bin Liner Black 27lt. 1000/ctn
Bin Liner Black 36lt. 1000/ctn
Bin Liner Black 72lt. 250/ctn. "Central"
Bin Liner Natural 72lt. 250/ctn
Bin Liner Black 72lt. 250/ctn. "Extra Strong"
Bin Liner Black 80lt. 250/ctn
Bin Liner Black 120lt. 250/ctn
Bin Liner Black 240lt. 100/ctn

Toilet Brush Large Round
Toilet Brush
Designer Toilet Brush
Toilet Brush Set Enclosed
Toilet Brush Set Polyester Fill
Cobweb Broom with 1.5mt Handle
Duster Lambswool 70cm
Duster Lambswool Extendable
Feather Duster No. 5 Extendable
Feather Duster No. 9
Nappy Towelling
Towelling Nappy 10kg. Bag
Towelling Nappy Cloths 20kg. Bag
Microfibre Cloth Glass Cleaning Sabco
Microfibre Cloth Blue Glass Cleaning 40x40
Microfibre Cloth Yellow 40x40
Microfibre Cloth Green 40x40
Microfibre Cloth Red/Pink 40x40
Wypall 3PLY Embossed Wipes 750/ctn
Workforce Wipers Blue 60cmx40cm 20pkt x 12pks/ctn
Workforce Wipers Blue 60cmx40cm 20pkt
Chux Yellow Cloth 125/ctn
Stainless Steel Scourer 50gm
Stainless Steel Scourer 70gm
Scour Green Nylon 15x10cm
Scour Sponge 15x10cm Green & Gold
Steelwool Sleeve Grade 2 (12pads)

Gloves Silver Lined sizes 7>9
Glove Latex Small 100pkt disposable
Glove Latex Medium 100pkt disposable
Glove Latex Large 100pkt disposable
Glove Vinyl Small 100pk disposable
Glove Vinyl Medium 100pk disposable
Glove Vinyl Large 100pk disposable
Glove Mens Leather Calico
Glove Rigger Mens Leather

Fringe Polish Applicator 62cm
Dust Control Mop Complete 61cm (24in) fringe/frame/alum handle
Dust Control Mop Fringe 61cm
Swivel Frame 61cm
Dust Control Mop Complete 91cm (36in) fringe/frame/alum handle
Dust Control Mop Fringe 91cm
Swivel Frame 91cm
Scissor Mop Modacrylic complete
Scissor Mop Frame
Scissor Mop Fringe
Fringe Mop Polish Flat White 24"

Mop Head Contractor 24oz
Mop Head Contractor 26oz
Mop Head Contractor 28oz
Mop Head Polyester Cotton 450gm
Mop Head Blue 400gm
Mop Head Green 400gm
Mop Head Red 400gm
Mop Head Yellow 400gm
Handle Alum Blue 25mm x 1.35m
Handle Alum Green 25mm x 1.35m
Handle Alum Red 25mm x 1.35m
Handle Alum Yellow 25mm x 1.35m
Handle Wooden 22mm x 1.38mt
Handle Wooden 25mm x 1.5mt

Paint Scraper 2 inch
Paint Scraper 3 inch
Squeeze Bottle 750ml SEQUAL AGAR
Squeeze Bottle BOWL CLEAN AGAR
Squeeze Bottle 750ml BLEACH AGAR
Squeeze Bottle 750ml CHLORADET AGAR
Squeeze Bottle 750ml SOFTIE AGAR
Squeeze Bottle 1lt
Squeeze Bottle TOILET & BATHROOM CLEANER Screen Printed
Shaker 500ml with plastic flip top
Spray Bottle & Trigger 500ml
Spray Bottle 500ml DISSO Screen Printed
Spray Bottle 500ml GENERAL PURPOSE Screen Printed
Spray Bottle 500ml SPRAY & WIPE Screen Printed
Spray Bottle 500ml MAGIC AGAR
Spray Bottle 500ml WIPE AWAY AGAR
Spray Bottle 500ml LEMON AGAR
Spray Bottle 500ml FAST GLASS AGAR
Spray Bottle 500ml BREEZE AGAR
Spray Bottle 500ml SPEED AGAR
Spray Bottle 500ml STEEL SHINE AGAR
Spray Bottle 500ml SPRAY BUFF AGAR
Spray Bottle 500ml GLASS Screen Printed
Trigger for Spray Bottle 500ml
Scissor Trolley ONLY
Scissor Trolley Bag
Scissor Trolley Side Pouch
Janitor Cart with Bag

Extension Pole 6ft
Extension Pole 12ft
Extension Pole 3 Section 27ft
Bucket Duraclean Window Cleaners
Window Cleaning Bucket 11lt
Scraper Blade 4" x 10/pkt
Scraper Scrapemaster Razor Window
Scraper Plastic 4" Black
Blade Scraper 4" 10pkt
Squeegee Handle Super System
Window Squeegee 14" c/w handle & channel
Window Squeegee Rubber 14"
Window Washer 14"
Window Cleaning Kit Complete

Floor Pad Red 30cm
Floor Pad Black 325cm
Floor Pad Red 325cm
Floor Pad Red 40cm
Floor Pad Black 40cm
Floor Pad Blue 40cm
Floor Pad Green 40cm
Floor Pad High Performance 40cm
Floor Pad White 40cm
Floor Pad Black 50cm
Floor Pad Red 50cm
Floor Pad White 50cm
Floor Pad 50cm Gorilla HiSpeed
Floor Pad 50cm Gorilla Lite
Floor Pad 530mm Blue Large Centre

Doodle Bug Floor Tool Holder
Handle for Doodle Bug Holder
Doodle Bug Pad Red
Doodle Bug Pads Blue
Doodle Bug Pad Black
Deck Scrub c/with Handle & Brace
Dustpan and Bannister Broom Plastic
Dustpan and Bannister Broom
Lobby Dustpan & Broom
Lobby Broom
Broom Household Economy 25cm with handle
Broom Head Extra Stiff Poly 350mm Blue
Broom Head Extra Stiff Poly 450mm Blue
Broom Head Extra Stiff Poly 600mm Blue
Floor Squeegee Aluminium 450mm
Floor Squeegee Aluminium 600mm

Mop Bucket 16lt BLUE
Mop Bucket 16lt GREEN
Mop Bucket 16lt RED
Mop Bucket 16lt YELLOW
Mop Bucket 16lt WHITE
Bucket 11lt. Rectangular Blue
Bucket 11lt. Rectangular Red
Bucket Plastic 10lt/2gal

Safety Products
Safety Goggles
First Aid Kit Basic in Pouch
Overall Disposable 25 per pkt
Nipper 100cm Blue Clamps
Safety Pole Closed for Cleaning
Safety Sign Wet Floor Hardback
Safety Sign-Clean in Progress

Elbow Black Plastic 32mm
Floor Tool Low Profile 32mm with no rubber strips
Floor Tool Deluxe Combination 32mm
Floor Tool Low Profile 32mm Eze Glide
Chrome Tube Extension 32mm
Filter Rotobic Back Pack
Hose complete Rotobic 32mm x 1.2mt
Hose complete Rotobic 32mm x 1.8mt
Extension Lead 10amp x 20mts Male & Female
Extension Lead 15amp x 20mts Male & Female
Pac Vac Hose complete 32mm
Pac Vac Lid Clear Dome
Pac Vac Back Pack Filter
Pac Vac Back Pack Filter 5pkt
Pac Vac Cannister Filter
Pac Vac 2000 Cloth Bag

Brasso 250ml
Tonizone Furniture Polish 400gm
Tonizone Stainless Steel Cleaner 400gm
Tonizone Chewing Gum Remover
Aerosol Micro Refill French Kiss
Aerosol Cans Refill 3000
Mr. Sheen Furniture Polish 400gm
Tonizone Apple & Wild Berry Air Freshener 300gm
Tonizone English Garden Air Freshener 300gm
Stainless Steel Cleaner 3M 600gm
Stainless Steel Cleaner 3M 3.78lt
Mr Steel 5lt. Stainless Steel Polish
Mr Muscle A PC 750ml Trigger
Windex 750ml Glass Cleaner
Antifoam 5lt.
Armourplate Floor Finish 1.89It
Armourplate Floor Finish 4lt
Eucalyptus Bleach 5lt
Eucalyptus Bleach 25lt
Floor Restorer 5lt
Glass "Vision" Cleaner 5lt
Glass "Vision" Cleaner 25lt
Graffiti Remover 5lt
Green Detergent 5lt
Green Detergent 25lt
Lavender Disinfectant 5lt
Lemon Disinfectant 5I. CCS
Lemon Disinfectant 25l. CCS
Methylated Spirits 5lt
General Purpose Detergent 5lt
General Purpose Detergent 25lt
Scouring Powder 5kg
Scouring Powder 20kg
Spice Disinfectant 5lt
Spice Disinfectant 25lt
Solvent Spotter 1lt
Floor Stripper 5lt Heavy Duty
Strip Plus 20lt Stripper
Super Strip 4lt
Spray n Wipe 5lt
Spray n Wipe 25lt
Hard Surface Cleaner 5lt
Hard Surface Cleaner 25lt
Toilet & Bathroom Cleaner 5lt
Toilet & Bathroom Cleaner 25lt
Tropicana Disinfectant 5lt
Tropicana Disinfectant 25lt
Vigorous Multi Purpose Cleaner 5lt

Anti-Static Carpet Spray 5lt
G Solve 5lt
Exit Carpet Detergent 20lt
Exit Carpet Detergent 5lt
C-Spot Carpet Spotter 5lt
HWEM Steam Cleaning Liquid 51t
HWEM Steam Cleaning Liquid 251t
Carpet Shampoo (Dry Foam) 51t

Soap Ivory Spice 100gm 96/ctn
Hygenex Spray Soap 400ml
Soap Palmolive 250ml
Deb Heiress 5lt Hand & Body Shampoo
Deb Heiress 25lt Hand & Body Shampoo
Deb Suprega Plus HICleaner 5kg
Deb Suprega HIDuty Hand Cleanser 4lt
Deb Hygenipak Blue Hand n Body Shampoo 1lt
Deb Hygenifoam HI 1lt Luxury Foam Soap Cartridge
Garland Hand Soap 5lt
Hand Soap Blue Executive 5lt
Hand Soap Blue Executive 25lt
Hand Soap Pink 5lt
Hand Soap Pink 25lt
Hand Soap Blue Ice 5lt CCS
Lightning Hand Scrub 20kg
Lightning Hand Scrub 4kg
Hand Soap MPV 4 x 4lt per ctn
Tuff Wash Hand Cleaner 5lt
Hand Soap White Pearl 51t
Hand Soap White Pearl 25lt
Soap Solvol 100 x 125gm
Deodorant Tablets Lemon 4kg
Envirotabs 10kg Green

Master Piece 5lt
Antifoam 5lt (Agar)
Ammodet Detergent 5lt AGAR
PH 7 Neutral Detergent 5lt
Ultrastrip 5lt Stripper
Autoscrub Detergent 5lt
Shifter H/ Duty Detergent 5lt
Magic Neutral Detergent 20lt
Magic Neutral Detergent 5lt
Speed Detergent 20lt
Speed Detergent 5lt
Presto 5lt
Grill Clean 5lt AGAR
Drive Away Degreaser 5lt
Citrus Degreaser DLX 5lt.
Top Strip Floor Stripper 5lt
Solspray Detergent 5lt
Wipe Away A PC 5lt
Cleans All 51t
Floral Detergent 5lt AGAR
Citra Clean 5lt All Purpose
Citro Clean 5lt
Breeze Detergent & Air Freshner
Clean & Shine 5lt Floor Maintainer
Chloradet 5lt
Bowl Clean 20lt
Bowl Clean 5lt
Spray Buff 'C' 5lt AGAR
Stainless Steel Oil 5lt AGAR
Steel Shine 5lt
Acid Wash 5lt
Softie Creme Cleanser 5lt
Softie Creme Cleanser 500ml
Novadet Detergent 5lt
Fast Glass 20lt
Fast Glass 5lt
Lemon Diso 20lt AGAR
Lemon Diso 5lt AGAR
Orchid Anti-Bacterial Diso 5lt AGAR
Rustex Rust Remover 250ml
Sympol Wash n Wax 5lt

Glass Cleaner Concentrate 5lt KENMOP
Lemon Disinfectant 25lt KENMOP
Lemon Disinfectant Concentrate 5lt KENMOP
Toilet Bowl Cleaner Concentrate 5lt KENMOP
Hard Surface Cleaner 25lt KENMOP
Hard Surface Cleaner Concentrate 5lt KENMOP

Fresh-Le Commercial Grade 5lt
Nature Clean-Pacer HK 5lt
New Ease Scourer Cleaner 5lt
Window Concentrate 5lt
Excel Bathroom Cleaner 5lt

Johnson Diversey Products
View Quick Floor Cleaner 5lt
Reveal Floor Cleaner 5lt
Reveal Floor Cleaner 2.5It J-Fill
Revive Floor Maintainer 5lt
Pronto Floor Stripper 5lt
Signature Floor Finish/Sealer 5lt
Premia Floor Sealer/Finish 5lt
Vectra Floor Sealer/Finish 5lt
Plaza Terrazzo Floor Finish/Sealer 5lt
Stride 2.5lt J-Fill

Go Getter Toilet Cleaner 5lt
Pledge Shine Up Furniture Polish 500g
Sparkle 2.5lt J-Fill
3 Way Washroom Cleaner 5lt
Taskforce Washroom Cleaner/Diso 2.5lt J-Fill
Vanish Toilet & Washroom Cleaner 2.5lt J-Fill
Creme R7 Creme Cleanser 750ml

Knockout Deodoriser 5lt

Break Up 5lt

Toilet Tissue I/leaved Deluxe Soft 1 ply 500 sheet
Toilet Tissue I/Leaved 1 ply 500 sheet 21.5 x 100cm 36/ctn
Toilet Tissue I/leaved Executive Soft 2ply 250 sheet
Toilet Tissue Deluxe 2ply 400 sheet 48 per ctn
Toilet Tissue Deluxe 2ply 250 sheet 48 per ctn
Jumbo Toilet Tissue 1 ply Roll 800mt x 6/ctn
Jumbo Toilet Tissue 2ply Roll 400mt x 6/ctn
Jumbo Toilet Tissue 1ply Roll 600mt x 6/ctn
Jumbo Toilet Tissue 2ply Roll 300mt x 6/ctn
Dispenser I/leaved Toilet Tissue White/Grey x 1
Dispenser Jumbo Toilet Roll x 1
Hand Towel I/Fold CSR UB 26.6cm x 23.6cm 250Sh 16/ctn
Hand Towel Standard Compact 20.2 x 28.5cm 90pack 24/ctn
Hand Towel I/fold Standard Slimtowel 24cm x 24cm 200/pk
Hand Towel I/Leaved Embossed 30.5cm x2 4cm 120Sht 24/ctn
Hand Towel I/Leaved CSR Embossed 30.5cmx24cm 150Sht 16/ctn
Hand Roll Towel Basic 100mt 12/ctn
Dispenser Roll Towel White Enamel
Dispenser S/Steel /leaved Hand Towel suit 4456/4457 x 1
Dispenser Plastic White Lockable for 4456/57

Facial Tissue Executive 2ply 100Sht 48/ctn

Alternative Paper Product Brand
Hand Towel Ultraslim 24x24cm 16pks/ctn
Hand Roll Towel Economy 80mt. 16/ctn
Toilet Tissue I/Leaved 2ply 250sheet 36/ctn
Toilet Tissue Roll 2ply 400sheet Premium 48/ctn
Toilet Tissue Roll 2ply 500sht Recycled Individually Wrapped 48/ctn
Toilet Tissue Roll 1ply 850sht Recycled 48/ctn
Toilet Tissue Jumbo Roll 2ply 280mt 8/ctn
Toilet Tissue Jumbo Rol11 ply 650mt 8/ctn
Facial Tissue 2ply White 200sht 48/ctn

There are a lot more products that we offer.
Please ring or visit us for all your cleaning products' needs.